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Learning new skills

Learning new skills

I always love learning new things and I usually give just about any new craft a try. In Nov/Dec 2016 I thought I was going to start a small business selling hand poured, scented candles. And I actually made quite a few before realising that my "roughly guess how much scent to put in" approach wasn't really going to get me very far!

One of my attempts at making candles

Like most 30-somethings, when I want to try something new I usually google first how to do it (especially with a 1kg bag of soy wax flakes staring judgmentally at me from the corner of the room). One of the things I was very keen to learn how to do was repeat patterns - especially once I had played around with using Illustrator and taught myself (with the help of my lovely pal, Charlotte!) some of the features. 

I also was lucky enough to have a friend referral link to Skillshare which has tons of classes, so cup of tea in hand, I watched the video that I had recommended to me for repeat patterns and gave it a go.

And it didn't always go particularly well. I couldn't figure out how to do some of the steps, despite re-watching the video multiple times. Still being fairly new to illustrator at this point there were some features I hadn't used before and I was taking a long time to find them as my layout was different to the video. And one of my first attempts at a repeat pattern ended with half of my bambiraptors being decapitated because I forgot to drag an element across. 

My poor decapitated raptors!

But I did it! I managed to make two designs which ended up becoming my bear and dachshund notebooks and I definitely have plans to make more in the future!

Since then the super folks at Skillshare have given me a unique URL so you can also check out all their classes and try them for 2 months.

There's classes on just about every creative skill out there as well as learning HTML/CSS and cooking and accounting. Even Etsy SEO! I've subscribed to a few courses in hand lettering and learning how to maximise the software that I have for illustration. I can't wait to get some more skills under my belt that I'll be able to use for new products!

** This post contains affiliate links. If you sign up via my Skillshare link I receive compensation from them as a form of thanks. This is also a great way to help support me and my business, so thank you in advance! **