Planners Never Worked For Me - Until Now

Paper planners. Real planners. For me they win over digital planners every time. For the past couple of months I've been using my Get To Work Book - created by the fabulous Elise Joy. And whenever I have taken a photo for Instagram and it's been seen in the background I tend to get a lot of questions about it. 

So here's my love letter to my GTWB. For full disclosure, I did purchase this planner myself so this isn't a "review" as such. This is just why I love this planner.

Dear Reader,
I love it because it works
- Tash

The front page of the GTWB - the black square is actually a sticker but I love the affirmations on it so much!

No seriously. I love this planner cause, at least for me, this actually works. I have never been or felt more organised or have gotten more work done. But let's tell this story properly - from the beginning.

In the early start of my small business journey I stumbled across Elise Joy  on Instagram. It was actually during the 100 Day Project in 2017 and she's instantly become one of my favourite Instagram accounts ever. One of the things that struck me about Elise was that she actually uses the planner she makes! And that drew me in. 

Highlighting let's me see all the work I got done that week - and what still needs doing!

Elise also had some great tips on her instagram stories around this time about how she used her planner. One in particular that I thought was really interesting was that she highlighted her done tasks so looking back you can see the progress you've made. This was a game changer for me.

I've been using my planner for home projects as well so that Mr H and I can keep track of everything we have to get done

The way I use it is by keeping the planner folded in half so I can only see one week at a time. This keeps me from getting overwhelmed like a regular to-do list or planner. Every Monday and Thursday I have a half hour in the morning where I plan out my next couple of days. It also means when things crop up I'm not trying to move around tons of things in my schedule.

One of my favourite things about the GTWB is that it makes you prioritise! There's room for 3 weekly goals. And really that's all that most people can achieve in a week anyways! It took me a little getting used to but I can't deny how many business milestones I've hit since implementing this 3 goal system! 

Whilst we're on the subject of to-do lists. I also watched this fabulous video by the incredible Marie Forleo all about breaking down the to-do list. I really recommend it for anyone who's struggling to get on top of all those things! 

My favourite page from the GTWB mini calendar that you can pull out and stick on your wall
Now I don't use all the features of the GTWB. I don't tear out the perforated page on the front of every month to hang up on my wall - I've already got a wall calendar. But I have also never felt more in control of my workload.

One of the features I really love is the monthly reflection page where I can look back at all the things that I managed to do that month and give myself a little pat on the back. As a small business owner, seeing those milestones add up is so rewarding! 

My GTWB is already full of memories, achievements and progress. I'm definitely going to be getting another when pre-orders open for the 19/20 books!

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