I believe that how products are made matters. That’s why you’ll only find items made in sustainable, ethical ways at Hatchling Makes.

It's so important to me that the items that I make and sell are eco-friendly and ethical. To make it easy for you to tell how the products I sell are made you'll find some icons in the product descriptions to show if an item is climate neutral or printed by hand (by me!). 

Below is some more information about each icon and what it means. 

100% Organic cotton - you'll find this icon on my tote bag range. Organic cotton farming uses far less water than any other cotton farming. Cotton that isn't grown organically is also subject to large amounts of pesticides, which can run off into rivers, lakes and streams causing issues for native plants and animals and can even cause health issues for farmers!

Printed by hand - you'll find this on my posters, t-shirts and tote bag ranges. All the products with this icon have been printed by me in my home studio. I use only water based, non-toxic screen printing ink which is much kinder to the environment. I also screen print using the stencil method meaning there are no harsh chemicals used in preparing my designs or cleaning my screens. 

Sustainably Sourced Paper - you'll find this icon on my greetings card and badges ranges. These items are either sent to my manufacturers in the UK to be printed or require a printed component to be created. The paper comes from either well managed forests that are carefully monitored or recycled materials. 

Giving back is such a huge part of my business. 10% from every order is donated to wildlife charities to help them continue their vital research and conservation work. You'll find this icon on every single item in my store.