Wildlife themed enamel pins and stationery

Under appreciated animals and endangered wildlife themed enamel pins and stationery.
10% from every order is donated to wildlife conservation.

Enamel pins and wildlife themed stationery for animal lovers

Hard enamel pins

Gorgeous enamel pins perfect for popping on jackets or bags! Perfect gifts for animal lovers of all ages or treat yourself and grow your pin collection!

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Washi tape

Super cute nature inspired washi tape. Recyclable and biodegradable. Perfect for scrapbooking, journalling or decorating!

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Animal stickers

Add some wildlife flair to notebooks or laptops with die cut stickers. Choose from eco friendly or PVC free vinyl so you can pick the sticker that suits your needs

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Holiday shopping 2022

With the ongoing pandemic and loads of Royal Mail strikes in late 2022 I am recommending all my customers order as soon as possible for the holidays!

My last recommended ordering dates for 2022 are:

20th November for international orders

7th December for UK orders

No guarantees can be made that your order will get to you in time but the earlier you order the better your chances! I will still be posting orders placed after these dates worldwide, it's just unlikely that your order will be with you in time for the holidays!

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Holiday bundle offers!

Buy and save this holiday season with these brilliant money saving bundle offers!

Bookmark Bundle

Bookmark Bundle


Enamel Pin Bundle

Enamel Pin Bundle


Sticker Bundle

Sticker Bundle


Washi Bundle

Washi Bundle


B-Grade enamel pin mystery bags

B-Grade enamel pin mystery bags


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Wildlife inspired enamel Pins

Designed from my original illustrations these hard enamel pins are the perfect gifts for animal lovers of all ages.

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Nature themed bookmarks

Beautiful bookmarks to help you keep track of where you are book after book. With a velvet laminate which makes them so luxurious to touch

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PVC free vinyl stickers

Printed on PVC free vinyl these are some of the most eco friendly vinyl stickers you'll find!

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Do you love wildlife themed pins and stationery?

If you answered yes then you're in the right place! Here at Hatchling Makes, I focus on endangered and unusual animals in my illustrations which I then make into enamel pins and stationery! Everything from notepads and eco friendly stickers to bookmarks. Plus 10% of every order is donated to wildlife conservation - so you can treat yourself and also help save endangered animals whilst you're at it!

Fundraising for wildlife

10% of every order is donated to wildlife organisations. All donations are made though Work For Good.

Nov - Dec 2022

Fundraising for Galapagos Conservation Trust

£70.92 (currently fundraising)
The only UK org who are dedicated solely to saving the Galapagos region. GCT do brilliant work including reintroducing species that are extinct in the wild and monitoring whale sharks so we can learn more about these gentle giants.⁠⁠

Sept - Oct 2022

Total fundraised for Chester Zoo

Aside from being an amazing zoo and participating in endangered species breeding programmes, also take part in hugely important conservation work around the world. Working alongside conservation orgs worldwide to protect species and their habitats and with the local groups to create safe ways for humans + wildlife to live together!⁠

July - August 2022

Total fundraised for Butterfly Conservation

Butterfly Conservation own 30 nature reserves across the UK and over the past 5 years have worked tirelessly to conserve the UK's butterfly and moth species.⁠ Butterflies and moths are great indicators of biodiversity and how climate change is impacting the UK.⁠

May - June 2022

Total fundraised for RSPB

Working across the UK creating reserves to benefit all animals (particularly birds which have seen a decrease in populations) and as a part of BirdLife International helping to protect migrant bird species on their migrations between Europe and Africa. ⁠

Mar - April 2022

Total fundraised for Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Working worldwide to stop whaling, end captivity for whales and dolphins and create healthy seas where all animals thrive

Jan - Feb 2022

Total fundraised for Tigers4Ever

Working in India where 2/3 of the current wild tiger population resides to protect them from poaching and working with local communities to help protect tigers for future generations.

Nov - Dec 2021

Total fundraised for Rainforest Trust UK

Total raised : £149.17
Working worldwide with local communities to help protect endangered species as well as their habitat which in turn can benefit thousands of other species as well! They focus on purchasing land within endangered species ranges so they can protect it and in turn hopefully give the wildlife there a chance to thrive again.⁠

Sept - Oct 2021

Total fundraised for Marine Conservation Society

Total raised : £57.67
Protecting the oceans around the UK including (but not limited to!) doing beach cleans to stop plastic from entering our oceans, creating marine conservation zones to protect seagrass habitat and the species that rely on them.

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New stationery and enamel pin designs that have arrived at Hatchling Makes!

Fun new animal inspired stationery and gifts

Rainbow Pangolin Embroidered Patch

Rainbow Pangolin Embroidered Patch


Short snouted seahorse Vinyl Sticker

Short snouted seahorse Vinyl Sticker


Short snouted seahorse hard enamel pin

Short snouted seahorse hard enamel pin


Dodd's azure butterfly hard enamel pin

Dodd's azure butterfly hard enamel pin


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