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Enviromental Policy

I believe that how products are made matters. That’s why you’ll only find items made in sustainable, ethical ways at Hatchling Makes.

It's so important to me that the items that I make and sell are eco-friendly and ethical. All my products are made either by myself in my home studio in London or by UK only manufacturers.

All my packaging is 100% recyclable including the brown paper tape which is made with a vegetable base which is compostable so you can put all the packaging from your order into your paper recycling.


Product Specific Breakdown

So you want to know even more? Here's a list of each of my products and exactly how and where they're made!

Greeting Cards/Postcards/Zines/Gift Wrap/Art Prints
Made in UK by a printing company
Digitally printed onto FSC approved paper stock

Hand assembled by me in my home studio
Designs are digitally printed onto FSC approved paper stock by my greeting card supplier

Sticker Sheets
Made in the UK by a merchandising supplier
Digitally printed onto sustainable paper stock from managed woodlands. 100% PVC free and fully recyclable

Wood Slices
Made in the UK by an art supplies company
Excess wood from a forest farm is rescued from landfill, cut and sanded before I purchase it from my supplier

Wooden Pins
Made in the UK by a merchandising supplier
Digitally printed onto birch plywood. Birch is a fast growing tree and is only harvested as fast as the tree can grow so the woodland will always be available as suitable habitat for wildlife

Made in the UK by a printing company
Digitally printed onto recycled paper stock that is FSC approved