Pin Grading

Enamel pins are handmade in a similar fashion to enamelled jewellery. As such they're always a little unique and vary from pin to pin which adds to their charm.

Every artist will grade their pins a little differently but below is how I grade my pins so you know what to expect when your order arrives!

I inspect each pin individually at around 20-30cm away from my face under natural daylight (or as close as I can get in the UK). I grade the fronts of the pins and the sides of the pins as visible from the front. I don't grade the backs of my pins unless there's an obvious issue such as a missing pin post.

A Grade / Standard
Majority of the pins that I sell on my website are A grade. They are the best of the batch and make beautiful, thoughtful gifts.

These pins may still have minor imperfections due to the handmade nature of creating the pins such as: 
• light scuffing or scratches in the enamel or plating from the polishing process
• small nicks in the enamel or in the plating
• very slight underfilled enamel
• small nicks in the enamel
• small air bubbles

B Grade / Seconds
Seconds pins are pins with more noticeable issues but are great for daily wear as you don't need to be quite as precious with them. 

Seconds pins may have issues such as: 
• noticeable scratches in the enamel or plating
• gouge marks in the enamel
• missing plating
• underfilled or missing enamel
• big air bubbles or air bubble pockets

I don't have seconds pins available year round but every so often I'll pop them up on my website for a weekend special so keep an eye on my instagram or sign up to my VIP list if you want to know when those will happen!