Hi pals!

I'm Tash.

I'm a self taught illustrator, coffee drinker and lifelong animal lover.  I started my small business in 2017 after over a decade of working behind the scenes in theatre.

My goal is to make people smile through my animal illustrations and help to raise awareness for endangered species.

What Hatchling Makes is all about

Ever wished that you could find a secretary bird enamel pin? Or searched desperately for a gift for your pal who loves pangolins? If that sounds like you then I'm so glad you've found your way here! Hatchling Makes is all about making eco friendly, gorgeous stationery featuring animals that are often overlooked.

Helping conservation to ensure wildlife continues to flourish

As I take so much inspiration from the natural world - I want to make sure I'm also helping to protect it for future generations of artists. That's why I donate 10% from every order to wildlife conservation. Find out who we're fundraising for this month.