Every month I donate 10% from every retail sale (both online and in person) to a wildlife conservation organisation.

This month we are fundraising for Galapagos Conservation Trust

The amazing Galapagos Conservation Trust are the only UK charity working solely to save the Galapagos.

They have loads of projects happening at the moment from trying to make tackling plastic pollution in the Galapagos to studying the endangered ray and shark species that are found around the islands to reintroducing land iguanas to their historical ranges!⁠

As always all my donations are made through the excellent Work for Good who make it really easy for small businesses such as myself to fundraise legally! If you're a small business located in the UK and want to fundraise through your biz then make sure to check them out cause they will cover all the legal stuff for you!⁠

A different organisation is chosen every other month as there's simply so many amazing organisations doing incredibly vital work to save not only the animals taken to the brink of extinction but also the habitats that they live in.

10% of your total order amount is donated - not just the profits!

All charities are donated to through the Work For Good platform to comply with fundraising regulations.

in no particular order

• Galapagos Conservation Trust
• Elephant Family
* Bumblebee Conservation Trust
• Born Free Foundation
• Cool Earth
• Songbird Survival
• Cheetah Conservation Fund
• Sumatran Orangutan Society
• Rainforest Trust UK
• Whale and Dolphin Conservation
• Tigers4Ever