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Fundraising for Wildlife

Every month I donate 10% from every sale (both online and in person) to a wildlife conservation organisation.

This month we are fundraising for Songbird Survival, an organisation focused on the decline of the UK's songbirds. They're focused on the threats to the UK songbird population (think, robins, blue tits, swallows) and are working to help save the populations and bring back the dawn chorus. In the last 50 years the UK has lost half of their songbird population! Songbird Survival is funding research to find out why this is and why methods that have been implemented (like replanting hedgerows and woodlands) are not helping songbirds numbers to increase.

A different organisation is chosen every other month as there's simply so many amazing organisations doing incredibly vital work to save not only the animals taken to the brink of extinction but also the habitats that they live in.

10% of your total order amount is donated - not just the profits!

All charities are donated to through the Work For Good platform to comply with fundraising regulations.