100 Day Project: Dhole

100 Day Project: Dhole

Day 5/100

IUCN Status : Endangered (population decreasing)

I still can’t draw canines 🙈 Dholes, also known as Indian wild dogs or Asian wild dogs, look a bit like a grey wolf crossed with a red fox. They can have up to 12 pups per litter and live in packs. Packs have also been known to merge for short periods to form super packs over 40 individuals. Sadly their numbers are declining as their food source is depleting and they have more competition for what prey remains in their habitat. There are now less than 2,500 adults in the wild.

Did you know that

• dholes wag their tails in greeting!

• they can jump over 7ft (roughly 2 meters) straight up

• they are most well known for their red coats but they also can have grey or brown coats depending on their habitat as it provides camouflage

Have you got any dhole facts? Let me know!