100 Day Project: Tapanuli Orangutan

100 Day Project: Tapanuli Orangutan

Day 9/100
Tapanuli orangutan

IUCN Status : Critically Endangered (population decreasing)

Tapanuli orangutans are the newest of the known orangutan species, having been first discovered in 1997 and after years of research described as a totally distinct great ape species in 2017. Found in only one ecosystem in Northern Sumatra, they are the most endangered of all the great apes (which consists of 8 species, including humans!). There’s several differences between them and their Sumatran and Bornean counterparts including thicker, curlier hair, flatter faces and a diet that includes plants that other orangutan species are not known to consume.

Did you know that

• Tapanuli orangutans can live up to 60 years old

• They are very slow breeders with females breeding only every 8-9 years

• Tapanuli orangutans are the first new great ape species since bonobos were described in 1929

Did you know about Tapanuli orangutans? I’ve got to admit I had no idea they were a totally distinct species until I started doing my research for this project!