100 Day Project: European Mink

100 Day Project: European Mink

Day 10/100
European Mink

IUCN Status : Critically Endangered (population decreasing)

Previously found all across Europe the European mink is now located in only a few isolated pockets. One of two species of mink, the European mink is the smaller of the two and is also known to supplement its diet of mice, rabbits, snakes and frogs with vegetation. Though they are preyed upon by some predators their greatest threat is humans.

Did you know that

• European monks are one of the most endangered mammals in Europe

• they are semi aquatic and very rarely found far from freshwater

• because they are so territorial, European monks are difficult to care for in captivity but since 2000 a breeding programme in Tallin have released several individuals back into the wild in the hopes of reintroduction!

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