100 Day Project: Eld's Deer

100 Day Project: Eld's Deer

Day 12/100
Eld’s deer
IUCN Status : Endangered (population decreasing)
Back to the 100 Day Project! It’s been a difficult week for me this week so I haven’t been drawing a lot - but feeling back on top of things so let’s get into it!

Eld’s deer are also known as the brow-antlered deer and has 3 subspecies. They are only found in Southeast Asia and tend to prefer open grasslands which sadly makes them a popular target for hunters. They’re very graceful with their long legs and neck and a slightly large head. Their long, bow shaped antlers are shed once a year and are at their largest size during breeding season.

Did you know that

• They were listed as endangered in 1990
• Cambodia has the largest population of Eld’s deer

• Their coats change with the seasons, in the summer it’s more of a red colour and in the winter it turns into a dark brown

Know any more facts about the Eld’s deer? Let me know in the comments!