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100 Day Project Day 33: Eastern Quoll

100 Day Project Day 33: Eastern Quoll

33/100 - Eastern Quoll

I posted this little buddy in my stories with a “guess the species” and the only answer I got was the right one! You folks know your species!

The Eastern Quoll is an endangered marsupial that went extinct on mainland Australia in the 1960s and was only found on Tasmania. But thanks to reintroduction and breeding efforts a small population were reintroduced in a national park in New South Wales in 2018! As a carnivore they are important to the balance of Australia’s delicate ecosystem as they eat animals that may otherwise have populations that go out of control such as mice and rabbits.

Eastern Quolls are about the size of a house at and can also be born with a black coat with white spots as well as the light brown version I chose to illustrate here!