100 Day Project Days 11 - 14

100 Day Project Days 11 - 14

Days 11 - 14

I'm still doing my #the100dayproject but as things are getting a bit more hectic at Hatchling HQ.

Scarlet-banded barbet. Only discovered in 1996 and formally described in 2000 (making it the most recently discovered bird on my list) there is a total population estimate of only 1000 individuals. Endemic to one particular highland forest which grows on Peak 1538 (a ridge top in Peru), it's hoped that their remote home will protect them from dangers.

Stresemann's bristlefront : A critically endangered bird that's endemic to Brazil and found in the lowland forests. As with most of the forest dwelling birds, habitat loss is the main reason for its decline in population and there's thought to be fewer than 15 individuals left. These secretive birds were unrecorded for 50 years until a rediscovery in 1995.

Spoon billed sandpiper : One of the most threatened birds on the planet, they were predicted to go extinct within 5-10 years in 2010. Young birds stay on the ground for 2 years making them susceptible to trapping. In 2004 there were less than 240 breeding pairs left.

Andean cock of the rock (what a great name!) : Can be found in the cloud forests of South America's Andean region. They're thought of as the national bird of Peru and isn't classed as threatened (the IUCN classes it as least concern) although they are being affected by the destruction of its habitat.