100 Day Project Days 15-18

100 Day Project Days 15-18

Days 15 - 18
Rhinoceros Hornbill: One of the more amazing looking birds and a personal favourite of mine. This gorgeous bird is the national bird of Malaysia. When nesting these amazing birds build their nest inside a hollow tree, blocking up the entrance with the female inside, effectively sealing her off from the world apart from a tiny hole so that the male can feed the female whilst she incubates the eggs. Sadly they're hunted for their meat, skull and feathers so they're vulnerable to extinction. They're often mistaken for the critically endangered helmeted hornbill which is targeted by poachers. Habitat destruction and the loss of the large, hollow trees that the birds use for breeding makes them easy prey for poaching.

Kokako: This forest dwelling bird is only found in New Zealand. At one stage the government classed them as extinct due to lack of sightings but this was then downgraded to "data deficient" in 2013. The last sighting of this bird was in 2007.

Capuchinbird: These beautiful birds have one of the world's most incredible vocalisations that sounds a bit like a distant chainsaw or mooing cow! Google it to have a listen. Whilst these birds are classed as least concern, there has been population decline in areas where selective logging has been carried out.

Bahia tapaculo: endemic to the Atlantic forests in Bahia, Brazil. Until recently it was thought to be extinct and was known by only 3 specimens. Highly threatened by habitat loss, they're listed as endangered.