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100 Day Project: Golden Lion Tamarin

100 Day Project: Golden Lion Tamarin

Day 17/100
Golden Lion Tamarin
IUCN Status : Endangered

I’m working through it slowly but I am still working on my 100 day project! The golden lion tamarins take their name from their thick manes which are reminiscent of the large cats. They live in large family groups and travel amongst the treetops during the day to forage.

Whilst they are an adaptable species, only requiring food to forage year round and holes in trees to sleep in, they are sadly endangered due to the extreme habitat loss in their native Brazil. Historically they were also caught to be sold in the live pet trade but nowadays deforestation is their main threat. Breeding programmes have been considered successful with several individuals being released back into the wild however they are still under threat due to the severe fragmentation and degradation of their habitat.

Got any more golden lion tamarin facts? Let me know!