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5 min sketch : Bactrian Camel

5 min sketch : Bactrian Camel

Had a little 5 min sketch to start off my day today. Today’s animal is the Bactrian camel - critically endangered they are the only wild camels left in the world.

Bactrian camels are thought to be the ancestors of all 2 humped camels. They are found in only a few isolated areas of north western China and their numbers are sadly decreasing (only 1,000 were left in the wild in 2008).

Like their Arabian cousins they are able to withstand long periods without food and water, relying on their fat reserves in their humps. As they deplete their fat reserves the humps will go soft and flop over.

I’d love to do more 5 min sketches of underrated endangered animals so drop your favourite in the comments!