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52 Species : Marsh Frog

52 Species : Marsh Frog

It’s Wednesday which means it’s #52species day! 52 species is a self lead project created by @the_little_oak_learning to learn about a different species every week that you don’t know very much about. I am learning about the wildlife that lives in London!
This weeks animal is the marsh frog, they’re considered an invasive species and there’s a few colonies in the London and Kent areas. They come in a range of colours from light green to dark brown with brown or black spots and a bright green stripe. Some turquoise blue frogs have even been spotted! They have an amazing and distinctive call - I definitely recommend googling them to have a listen to what they sound like!
Marsh frogs diet usually consists of invertebrates but they have been known to snack on other amphibians and even small/young birds!
Have you ever seen a marsh frog? As a kid I used to catch frogs in our garden but my mum always set them free again when I wasn’t looking! 🤣🐸

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