52 Species : Peregrine Falcon

What amazing wildlife lives in your city? Now I have to admit, I’ve been living in London for 15 years now and I honestly don’t know too much about what species you can find here! So when I saw The Little Oak Learning
‘s #52Species challenge I thought this would be a great way for me to actually get to know a bit more about my local wildlife!

So every week for the rest of the year (hopefully!) I’ll be learning a little about a different species that lives in London. First up is the gorgeous peregrine falcon! Which I’ve never seen but I have heard sometimes when I’m in the city. These non-migratory birds prefer to nest and perch on high buildings, scaffolding, water towers, cathedrals and pylons - anywhere where they can survey everything below them. Their numbers have been rising in UK cities and now a large percentage of the European peregrine falcon population resides in the UK.

Have you ever spotted a peregrine falcon? I’ve just learned that the RSPB does falcon watching tours in the summer and I’m thinking of joining one to try to finally see one for myself!

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