6 months into 2019!

We're about halfway through the year so I thought I'd revisit my word for 2019, grow.
SO much has already happened this year, and I feel like it's just going to keep on going and going. When I picked this word it was because in my mind I wanted to expand my skill sets and create more. I was wavering on embroidery and didn't really know how to brand myself without it.
Fast forward 6 months and the embroidery is now all gone, I've started (somewhat) confidently calling myself an illustrator. I've expanded into screen printing and made tons of new products. I moved studios into a better space in our flat and I love it. I've started a YouTube channel, been invited to teach (still working on that one šŸ˜†) and my small business has won the backing of a dragon from Dragons Den. I've started becoming more confident in my illustration skills, attended drawing evenings, made excellent friends and recently launched my first ever non-geometric and non-animal themed products!
There has been a lot of ups and downs. There's still been a lot of crying and screaming into pillows when things haven't worked out (mainly when I screen printed 50 bags and only got 4 good prints). But there's been a lot of joy, excitement and happy dancing too. Bring on the next 6 months!
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How's things been working out for you so far this year? Has your word for 2019 affected anything you've done? Let me know!

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