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April's Charity : The Galapagos Conservation Trust

Happy Monday everyone! It's the start of a brand new month and the sun is shining (well at least in London) so I'm feeling optimistic for this month!

Now last month I spoke about the changes I was making to my wildlife charity programme with Hatchling Makes. I've now decided that every month I'll be picking a different charity to donate to (once we hit 3-5 charities I'll be rotating them round, because constant support is best for charities to be able to continue their amazing work, but I also want to spread help around as much as I can!).

So we're going to kick things off with this month and the fab @galapagosconservationtrust - they're the only UK charity who's sole focus is the amazing Galapagos ecosystem. They have amazing resources on their website so you can see all the things they're doing to protect the islands, from monitoring whale sharks to mindful plastic consumption (and ultimately getting the Galapagos plastic free!).

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