BizBaz at Home

BizBaz at Home

I'm super excited to announce I'll be a vendor for this month's BizBaz@Home event!⁠

BizBaz@Home is an online convention that has all the fun bits of a con but from the comfort of your couch! I'll have an exclusive offer but only for ticket holders! Swipe for the second slide with ticket info!.⁠

🎨 15 artists from around the world of all mediums + styles. Each will have their own BizBaz sale/promotion! 🎨⁠
🎶 Music performance 🎶⁠
🖍️ Coloring Contest with $100 prize 🖍️⁠
😻 Pet Costume Contest with $100 prize 😻⁠
🔥️ Exclusive pin of our newest character, King Tux!🔥 ️⁠
🎰 Gacha pin games! 🎰⁠
🎮 Jackbox game tournament with $100 prize 🎮⁠
✏️ Live art session with special guest ✏️⁠
💖 Charity raffle basket filled with goodies worth over $200! 💖⁠
🎟️ Cosplay Contest with $100 prize 🎟️⁠
🧺 Hourly giveaways with flair from each vendor and other freebies 🧺⁠
🎤 Artist panel with our vendors. Get to know us, hang out, and ask questions!🎤⁠

📆 4/16 from 10AM - 8PM PST (6PM - 4AM BST)⁠
🍭Contests, giveaways, shopping, entertainment, & more⁠
🎟See all details on our Discord after RSVPing for your ticket⁠
🖥Hosted on our Discord and Twitch all day!⁠
🎁Link in bio for your FREE ticket to attend!⁠

@bizbazclub ⁠
@honeylemondesigns ⁠
@moonbrew_ ⁠
@paintdust ⁠
@pansypins ⁠
@shoppixieexpress ⁠
@thecrownedrabbit ⁠