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Blank Page Syndrome

Blank Page Syndrome

Blank page syndrome is something I think so many creators face! These are some of the tips that I have to overcome it:
• start in the middle of a sketchbook, that then takes off the pressure to create something amazing for that first page!
• have themed sketchbooks. I have 4 sketchbooks on the go right now. One is animal/botanical studies. One is for marker illustrations. One is for gouache/watercolour illustrations and one is for pencil and ink illustrations. When I go out, knowing I have one sketchbook with me and keeping that "theme" helps me to not be stressing about the medium I'll be using for a particular illustration!
• My last one is more of a general tip: create every day. I think it was on Elise Joy's podcast where I heard the phrase "creativity begets more creativity". And it really is true, if I take a week off from creating I find it much harder to get back into it whereas when I'm creating every day I find I'm always coming up with new ideas! 
Tell me some of the things you do to get over that blank page syndrome!

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