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Blue Whale

Blue Whale

This weeks animal for #sunshineinspiredfauna is the blue whale - I figure everyone knows at least a few facts about the blue whale but did you know these ones?

- Blue whales are larger than the largest dinosaurs! Sauropods are skinnier and weighed up to 96.4 tonnes whereas the largest recorded blue whale was 173 tonnes!
- blue whales can go up to 6 months without feeding as they migrate to and from their feeding grounds
- a blue whale’s heart is the size of a small car and beats so loud it can be detected up to 2 miles away.

Do you have any blue whale facts? 🐋 Let me know in the comments! Also if you’re a cetacean (whales and dolphins) fan then keep an eye out for some new products coming soon!

#sifauna is a weekly art challenge created by @sunshine_inspired_fauna which focuses on a different endangered animal each week with a new theme every month.