Born Free Foundation

Born Free Foundation

It's the start of a new month so I'm fundraising for yet another incredible charity!

This month I'll be fundraising for Born Free Foundation.

Does anyone remember that movie where the couple takes the lion cub and raises it before releasing it into the wild? Well that movie was based on the real life couple who did exactly that and who went on to create a foundation dedicated to keeping wild animals in the wild which eventually turned into the Born Free Foundation.

Born Free works across the globe from America all the way to Australia as they work for ALL threatened species. In addition they also do amazing education work to ensure safe co-existence for both humans and animals as well as rescuing animals in appalling conditions and rehabilitating them to hopefully return them to the wild.

I could honestly wax lyrical about Born Free all day. But please do check out their website and social medias for a much more eloquent version of the work they do!

And once again 10% from every sale across all my sales channels (and in person events!) will be donated to Born Free.