Changing Artistic Styles

Changing Artistic Styles

Happy Monday everyone! Over this weekend I’ve had a bunch of questions about my geometric style and I thought I’d just cover some of them in a blog post!

Mostly folks have been asking if I have stopped doing my geometric animals/dinos. And the short answer is, yes and no.

The longer answer is, for the minute I’m not creating any new geometric creatures. There are some animals that I just don’t think suit the style and so it can be a little more restrictive than the style I’m currently making a lot of work in. I also feel like I have a good selection of geometric animals and at the minute I don’t feel like I need to add to that collection. The whole reason I started off with geometrics is because I had very little confidence in my illustrations and making things that more stylised felt safer for me. Now that I’ve gained more confidence I feel like I want to push my comfort zone.

But that doesn’t mean that I’m never going to make more animals in my geometric style in the future. Or that I’m going to stop selling those designs I’ve already made at the moment. But the joys of running my own small business means that I’m forever learning and growing and one day maybe I’ll decide to stop selling them. Or I might go back to only creating work in that style again. Who knows? 😉
So yes, I’m not doing work at the moment I’m geometrics. But no, I’m not stopping it forever. I’m just in love with gouache at the moment and my current illustration style works better with it so, to paraphrase what one follower said to me in a message today, I’m going to follow my artistic heart 💕