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Charity Reveal: Rainforest Trust UK

Charity Reveal: Rainforest Trust UK

Happy 1st of the month, folks! In case you missed it I’ve reopened my shop fronts last week with a limited product range and because I’ve reopened I wanted to introduce you all to the amazing charity I’ll be fundraising for!

Rainforest Trust UK works across the entire globe funding amazing projects like saving pangolins in Myanmar, creating wildlife corridors in Kenya and saving rainforest habitat around the world.

Every £1.60 that we raise will save 1 acre of rainforest. And this year Rainforest Trust UK are actually doubling all donations that they receive so the money will save even more rainforest!

In April we already managed to raise an amazing £11.06 which means that we’ve saved 13.82 acres of rainforest!
Huge thank you to all my customers for raising such an amazing total in such a tiny amount of time!