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Cheetah Conservation Fund GRAND TOTAL

Cheetah Conservation Fund GRAND TOTAL

Happy big #caturday! I thought it was only fitting today to share how much we raised over Dec and Jan for the fabulous Cheetah Conservation Fund! I’m so so thankful to everyone who purchased something over Christmas and in Jan and I know the cheetahs are too! In fact this figure is only what we managed to raise but my pals over at @workforgooduk doubled all donations in December so the cheetahs got a little extra helping hand!
Don’t forget that I’m now raising funds for one charity over two months to give them the largest possible donation we can raise! For Feb and March I’m fundraising for Sumatran Orangutan Society who are rescuing orangutans from dangerous areas and relocating them to safer territories as well as helping safeguard their habitat and work with the local people. 10% from every order (of the total amount you pay, not just profit) is donated.

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