Closing a chapter

Closing a chapter

This is a hard blog post to write. Mostly because it's something that has been a really large part of my life for almost two years now. But I've also sat and thought a lot about it and I think it really is time for me to just get on with it all. 

Starting effective immediately I will no longer be taking on embroidery commissions, nor will I be creating new embroidered hoop art.

When I started my business I was very much floundering, I didn't know what I wanted to do and I kind of fell into the small business world holding onto an embroidery hoop. My motto and the words my husband kept repeating to me was "do what you love" because I had just spent two years in a job that I had hated because I was scared of not getting that regular paycheck. 

Sadly I have fallen out of love with embroidery. Maybe it's the copycats on instagram that got me down, maybe it's the snide comments I had at in person events but I no longer feel the urge to pick up the needle and create like I used to and instead I've found myself enjoying illustrations and screen printing a lot more. 

Hatchling Makes will still be open, it'll still be here, I'm just closing the embroidery chapter. I really want to focus on raising awareness of endangered species so I'll be working a lot on that this year and with that creating new designs and products with those themes in mind. 

If you want to snag yourselves a piece of embroidery before it's all gone forever then all my collections are priced with a 30% discount to clear. Head to my shop to check them out.