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Colouring Pages

Colouring Pages

✨FREEBIES✨ There’s two colouring pages are up on my website. You can access them via the “colouring pages” link right here.

Things have been a bit crazy the last couple days and I’m not entirely sure what the future will bring. If you’re in the position to support your favourite small businesses this is a great time to do it as events being cancelled that indie businesses were counting on to be able to create new products and just be able to buy their groceries.

Buying a card or print can go a long way. Check to see if your favourites have gift cards you can buy to put towards a later purchase or even a ko-fi link to buy them a virtual coffee. As for me, Hatchling Makes is still open and I’m still doing post runs as long as I am able to do so.

Stay safe and wash your hands, pals!