Draw With Tash : Basking Shark

Draw With Tash : Basking Shark

It’s the final shark for #DrawWithTash!⁠

This weeks prompt was the basking shark - probably the most famous of the UK sharks as they’re the ones most often sighted! You can view them off the coast of Cornwall between May and October!⁠

They’re the second largest fish in the world! Coming in after another favourite shark species, the whale shark. Like whale sharks they are filter feeders and are totally harmless. They’re often seen with their mouths open feeding near the surface of the water.⁠

Basking sharks are classed as vulnerable to extinction though they are protected in the waters around the UK and EU. However they can still get caught in fishing nets and roads and are often hit by boats whilst they are feeding. ⁠

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about a few of the sharks found in the UK! If you missed any of the previous posts you can check them out under the hashtag #DrawWithTash and feel free to draw along if you’d like!⁠