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Endangered Species Day

Endangered Species Day

It's Endangered Species Day today! (which I did read about on my lovely pal, Sophie's instagram account!)

Extinction is forever. All 4 of the animals I have depicted on pins here are endangered (apart from the T-Rex for obvious reasons). At the start of the month a UN backed report found that up to 1 million plants and animals are endangered and that's down to humans and those species are on track to become extinct in the next couple decades. 

This is why I always donate 10% of every sale I make to wildlife conservation charities. Because I don't want there to be a world where animals are only ever seen in books.
This month I'm fundraising for Elephant Family who are doing amazing work at educating locals in Asia on how to live alongside elephants rather than be scared of them and kill them.

So if you'd like to help them out, then all these pins are only £5 in my store for the next two weeks. Let's save some elephants!
Let me know your favourite endangered animal in the comments!