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Faunatober : Brown Hyena

Faunatober : Brown Hyena

Day 2 of 
#Faunatober2020! Today’s animal is the brown hyena - and honestly I didn’t know until researching for this prompt that hyenas all looked so different across the different species!

Brown hyenas are classed as “near threatened” on the IUCN red list. They’re the 2nd largest of the hyena species and their forelegs are a little longer so they always look a bit like they’re climbing a hill! They’re easily identifiable from the other hyena species because of their striped legs and long fur (actually I think they’re super adorable - I definitely need to do more illustrations of hyenas in the future!)

I struggled a little with this one - the one medium challenge meant it was tricky to get the hair right!

Let me know what you think about hyenas in the comments!