Feb and March 2021 Charity Reveal

Feb and March 2021 Charity Reveal

It’s that time again!! We’re fundraising for a new wildlife conservation org and I’m super excited to announce that we’ll be fundraising for Songbird Survival!

As it’s also Day 1 of #MarchMeetTheMaker and we have a whole bunch of new faces here, I thought I’d take a second to introduce you all to Hatchling Makes and my brand! Hatchling Makes is my small business where I create limited edition stationery from the wildlife illustrations I make. Every product I sell goes to help wildlife conservation and every 2 months we change to a different org (cause there’s just so many amazing orgs out there that need and deserve our support. Especially in these times of Covid where they’ve seen their fundraising slashed as they can’t do their regular events). So by supporting me and my small business you’re also helping to support wildlife!

Songbird Survival is an org focused on researching the causes and halting the decline of the UK’s songbirds and small birds. Since 1970 we’ve lost about 50% of songbirds - with some species having declined up to 97%. Songbirds are important indicators of the health of the biodiversity and wildlife here and so it’s of a huge importance to find out why this is happening and to help restore populations.

As always I’ll be making my donations through the wonderful @workforgooduk who help small businesses to donate easily through their small businesses and ensure everything is kept nice and legal!