Final Total Raised for WDC

Final Total Raised for WDC

Last month we absolutely smashed fundraising out of the park!! Over July and August we raised the most we have EVER raised in a two month period!

When I added everything up that means we raised an amazing £160.53 for @whalesorg which I know they’re so incredibly thankful for! The money will go to help them to fund various projects such as finding out what role whales play in climate change (and how whales can help to combat climate change), helping to build more sanctuaries for captive whales and dolphins, stopping bycatch and accidental deaths in nets and also helping to stop whaling!

Thank you doesn’t seem enough to express how much this means to me and to the team at WDC - I am so incredibly grateful for all your support!

If you haven’t already make sure you check my last grid post to see who we’re fundraising for right now until the end of October.

And as always a huge thank you to @workforgooduk for creating a platform which makes it so easy for me to give back through my business!