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Galapagos Conservation Trust

Pinch punch first of the month!!
I’m really excited to announce this months charity - they are wonderful people and do AMAZING work. This months charity is *drumroll* @galapagosconservationtrust! Early this year I did some fundraising for them and honestly they were so wonderful to work with so I’m so excited to be fundraising for them again!
In addition to working to save the brilliant and unique species of the Galapagos they also work in the local communities to teach them about the hazards of plastic pollution and build sustainable buildings there!
As always all funds will be sent through @workforgooduk - who make it super easy for me to donate to different charities every month.
To highlight some of the amazing animals in the Galapagos I’ve decided this time to illustrate a Galapagos fur seal - these beautiful creatures are endangered and only found in the western Galapagos.

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