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Happy Card Orders!

Happy Card Orders!

Lots of happy card combos went out in the post this last week! Again thank you so much everyone who’s shopped my card clearance sale or shared it online or told a friend. I know January is a lean month for many of us what with the holidays over and needing to file and pay taxes. I’ve spent so much of this month being so thankful for all of you. We are less than 50p away from hitting £15 donation total this month which just blows my mind! That’s just ONE set of 5 cards. Can we do it in the next 48 hours?
Again I just wanted to remind you all that 10% of your TOTAL order - not just profits - is donated to wildlife conservation charities and this month I’m fundraising for Cheetah Conservation Fund who work to save these gorgeous big cats and the eco system that they depend upon as well as educating locals to give them a sense of national pride for cheetahs which will help in the long term conservation!

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