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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Happy mid-autumn festival! Ok ok TECHNICALLY it was yesterday. But I forgot (normally I only remember a week later so this year I’m improving🙈). I don’t celebrate my Chinese heritage on here a lot but I’m definitely proud to have so many different cultures in my family and Chinese festivals is something I always celebrate with my mom!
Today I’m going to be hunting down mooncakes to share with my mom. Definitely one of my favourite things about the festival - my favourite is the red bean paste filling, no salted egg though!
Mooncakes usually have the Chinese characters for longevity or harmony as they’re meant to be eaten with family and friends. My mooncake here has a rabbit (a symbol for the moon) sat inside a floral pattern which is a common motif for mooncakes!
Have a wonderful mid-autumn festival weekend filled with friends and mooncake!

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