Hatchling HQ Studio Tour

One of the greatest prides and joys of my home is my home studio. I am so incredibly lucky to be able to have this space and I always get a lot of questions and comments about it when I share it on social media.

I moved my business into my studio last July - prior to that I had been working from a camping table set up in my bedroom - which my husband would often trip over on his early shifts. After a couple times bashing into the table at 5:30AM he was very keen on me moving into our spare odds and ends room - it was actually meant to be our second bathroom when we got our loft extension done but we never had the money to totally fit it out. I'm glad of that now!

Owning our own flat, we are incredibly lucky to be able to decorate any way we like. So the first thing we did was give the walls a new lick of paint! Our flat gets odd light during the day so I chose a reflective paint in pale pink that bounces the light around the small space. It really does give the impression that the room is much bigger than it is! And it really is TINY. If I stand in the middle I can put my arms out and reach both walls!

My office is directly next door to our bedroom so it's the first thing that we see when we get up in the morning. With that in mind I wanted to make it bright and cheery to make me smile in the morning. Thankfully there is a ton of great wall space so I decided to hang up tons of art from small businesses - not only as inspiration, but also to get me going every day (I am not, nor have I ever been a morning person!). I bought a few prints from the lovely Ruth of Ruth Thorp Studio and got them framed and then I picked up a magazine which featured some pull out posters done by the lovely folks at Papio Press. For ages I had been saving up the cute little thank you notes I got in orders from other makers which I stuck up on the wall opposite. The end effect is a little wall of motivation that definitely has kept me going during the tougher days!

I spent longer than I care to disclose trying to shop for the perfect desk. I had an idea in my head on what I wanted and a specific area that I wanted it to be in but the space is oddly shaped so that made it really tricky. In the end though, IKEA came through for us with a lovely, functional desk (with a clever net system underneath for all my cables so they aren't dragging on the floor). It didn't quite fit the space I had so my husband and I ended up cutting the desk down to size to make it work and I'm so glad that we did. There's still tons of space for me to have things on my table but it also doesn't let me get too messy.

 The piéce de resistancé though is my giant wall to wall pegboard. I picked these up off Amazon and painted them with some leftover reflective paint in light gold. Originally I wanted them to be white but the white paint that I had left had gone bad and was gloopy so I had to rescue it. Because the wall is so big I ended up getting two boards and trimming them to size so it covered the whole wall. The bottom of it sits neatly on top of my desk and the top is just high enough for me to reach everything on it - perfect! I love having my embroidery hoops up where I can see them ready for stitching.

So that's a quick whip-round tour of HMHQ! Tell me in the comments what your favourite space saving hack is!

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