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Inktober 18: Spoonbill/Shoebill

Day 18; Spoonbill/shoebill

When I made my first prompt list for inktober I didn’t proofread it super well and it wasn’t until a couple weeks later that I realised I had written “spoonbill” instead of “shoebill” as today’s prompt. 🙈 to be fair both birds are pretty weird and wonderful so it works out!

I chose to draw a black faced spoonbill. They have a very real risk of becoming extinct in the wild as they have the most restricted distribution of all the spoonbill species and their habitat is often polluted threatening their food source.
Shoebills, also known as whale headed storks, are slightly terrifying birds that enjoy a staring contest. Also at a huge risk of extinction they’re often collected by poachers for huge amounts of money by private collectors.

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