Inktober Day 20: Pink fairy armadillo

Day 20; pink fairy armadillo

Only 11 days left to go!! I’m definitely finding this challenge to be, well challenging, even though I prepped my sketches in advance!

Today’s animal is the pink fairy armadillo, the least studied armadillo! Partly due to its elusive nature. Sightings are rare and creatures that have been caught usually sadly die within a few days. Their population status is officially listed as unknown but it’s thought that domestic cats and dogs prey on them and farming in their habitat has lead to a decline in their population. The pink colour actually comes from their blood vessels that can be seen through their armour like shell, which means the shell can change colour as their blood flow increases/decreases due to their needs! They have evolved so specifically that they can’t adapt to other environments which makes it difficult for pink fairy armadillos to expand their slowly depleting habitat.

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