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Inktober Day 31: Honduran white bat

Day 31: Honduran white bat

We did it!! 31 days of weird and wonderful animals. Mr H and I are heading off to visit family today so I probably won’t be posting every day for the next few days, and I’m excited to draw some new things too and maybe get back to painting my shark zine! I hope you’ve all enjoyed my take on inktober this year!

The Honduran white bat is one of only 3 bat species that has totally white fur (they’re seriously adorable). They’re also known as the Caribbean white tent-making bat for their ability to make little daytime tents out of leaves which they nap in. They are fruit eating bags and prefer one particular fig species so will seek those out in their territory. Honduran white bats were first discovered in 1890 though it took 60 years for a second discovery to be made. Their population is in decline meaning they are classed as near threatened but are incredibly close to being reclassified as vulnerable, more step closer to extinction.

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