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Inktober Updated Prompts List

Inktober Updated Prompts List

Less than a week to go!! 👀

Also if you’ve watched my instagram stories recently you’ll have seen my reactions to me finding out I spelt some animals wrong. Apparently they’re so weird and wonderful that my iPad’s autocorrect decided I was making some up 😂 So here is an updated list. The only changes are that 28 is meant to be Saiga (not Saigon as I previously had it) and I had intended to put shoebill for 18 but instead wrote spoonbill! They’re both amazing and weird so you can pick whichever you’d like to create for that day!

Oh and babirusa is spelt wrong. 🙈 but I rasterized the text so I can’t change it anymore!

Will you be joining in? Let me know in the comments!