Introducing Tote Bags!

Introducing Tote Bags!

When I first started my business I really wanted to incorporate screen printing with embroidery - I had visions of cute screen printed hoops with little details - now sadly that didn't quite pan out but when I revisited screen printing before Christmas I came across the idea of making tote bags. 

So I spent a lot of time researching and found a great eco bag supplier and eco friendly ink supplier and got to work! It was so important to me to know where my supplies came from and to make sure they lined up with my beliefs! All the tote bags that I use are made from 100% organic cotton and they're made in a factory in India which holds itself to a high standard of excellence, not just in their processes but also for their factory workers as well. 

The inks that I use are all water based, eco friendly inks (but don't worry, they won't rub off as I set them with heat!) made by a small business in Europe. I'm so glad that I get to help support another small business through my business - it really makes me so incredibly happy knowing I'm sharing the love!

As it is the case for all my handmade items, each bag is printed by me in my home studio! I'd by lying if I said there hadn't been a few mishaps along the way - my bathtub is stained pink in some places and I think I'll never get that off again - but that feeling when I lift the screen and I see my design all perfectly printed on the fabric makes it SO worthwhile! 

There'll be lots more designs coming in the tote bags over the course of the next few months but if there's something particular you'd love to see then leave me a comment and let me know!