Last recommended ordering dates Christmas 2020

Last recommended ordering dates Christmas 2020

I know, I KNOW!! It’s not even Halloween. But let’s be fair, 2020 hasn’t exactly been a typical year has it?

So here are my final RECOMMENDED ordering dates for the holidays this year. I wanted to let you all know now because that international date? That’s coming up REALLY soon. These are just the final dates that *I* am recommending you get your orders in by. Because that gives 6 weeks for your order to get to you if you’re outside the UK, and 2 weeks to the day for you to get your order if you’re in the UK.

Of course whatever dates I choose, once I put your order into the post then it’s down to the whim of the postal gods to get it to you. So whilst I can’t guarantee any orders made before these dates will get to you on time, they’ve probably got a better chance than orders made on Dec 20th 😉

And I’m telling you now cause let’s be honest, there’s A LOT of stuff going on in the world right now. So I’m going to be reminding you of this constantly for the next couple months so that we all remember!

Have you started your Christmas shopping? Let me know in the comments! We’ve decided to do an imaginary Christmas at Hatchling HQ this year, which means I don’t have to worry about buying gifts - hooray!