March Meet The Maker Day 2

March Meet The Maker Day 2

✨ Brand Values ✨⁠

If you've been following me for a while you'll know that highlighting endangered and unusual animals is at the heart of what I do.⁠

Fundraising is probably my biggest brand value but I also try to highlight some of the lesser known animals or animals that you may not know were endangered.

Back in 2018 I found out giraffes were silently added to the endangered species list and I was totally shocked. That lead me down the rabbit hole of finding out more and more species that were endangered that I had no idea about. In fact back in 2018 pangolins were only just becoming well known to the general public!⁠

Learning about the plight of giraffes was the pivotal moment for my business - I switched from illustrating dinosaurs to illustrating endangered animals and raising funds for wildlife conservation. Though I haven't had much time for art posts recently I hope that you've learned some new facts and maybe discovered a few new animals through some of my work!⁠