March Meet The Maker Day 3

March Meet The Maker Day 3

✨ 3 Things ✨⁠

Over the years I've had a lot of questions about my small business so I thought I'd use today's meet the maker prompt to answer a few of the most commonly asked ones!⁠

1 - Do you draw everything yourself/did you design everything?⁠
Yes! Everything I sell has been illustrated by me and are my own original designs!⁠

2 - Can you make a {insert animal here} pin?⁠
I don't do personalised commissions and ordering products is a risky game for me because I have to order minimum of 100 pieces of an item sometimes! But if a lot of folks ask for a specific animal I'll definitely add it to my list and consider it!⁠

3 - Is this animal real?⁠
Yep!! I don't make anything up! These are all actual animals (yes even leaf sheeps and narwhals!)⁠