Meet The Artist

Meet The Artist

Hi folks!⁠
I haven't introduced myself in a while so thought I'd pop my face on the grid to say hi!⁠

If we haven't properly met yet, I'm Tash! I'm a self taught wildlife illustrator living in London with my husband, Mr H and my lovely mama. I'm half Fijian-Chinese, half German but sound a bit like an American and have family in Australia just to confuse everyone 🤣 ⁠

I trained in stage management and technical theatre and worked in the theatre industry (both backstage and front of house) for 12 years before I left and started my small business! ⁠

My business has gone through loads of changes since I first started! Anyone remember when I made and sold embroideries? Now I design and sell enamel pins, washi tape, stickers and bookmarks inspired by endangered and underappreciated animals and 10% of every sale is donated to wildlife conservation - because I get so much inspiration from wildlife I hope that by donating it'll keep these amazing animals around to inspire other generations of artists! ⁠

If you made it to the bottom of this caption let me know your favourite endangered animal in the comments!⁠