My Favourite Apps To Help Me Live Sustainably

My Favourite Apps To Help Me Live Sustainably

As a generation, we rely a heck of a lot on technology. And I get it! I'm always on my phone - and that's not even an exaggeration! From once I wake up to last thing and night you can generally find me on my phone, scheduling my life, scheduling my work, even at one stage flipping through all the vintage reproduction dresses I owned to figure out what to wear that day (I had a pretty extensive collection of dresses once upon a time!)

Nowadays though I generally use my phone for practical things. Like texting Mr H or planning days out or planting trees - oh yeah, there's apps out there now that let you contribute to the planet and I am all here for that! Here's a little roundup of some of my favourites.

Forest (iOS/Android)
My all time favourite app. This is part game, part timer and part habit creator. You set an amount of time you don't want to look at your phone for (say 25 mins) and hit the start button and then leave your phone alone for that set of time! Whilst you're off writing that blog or cooking your meal or just spending time with friends a tree is being grown in your own little virtual forest. Each tree you virtually plant gives you coins that you can use to unlock different types of trees (hello little self watering Octopus tree!) or you can actually plant a real tree through Forest's conservation partners! 

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Joulebug (iOS/Android)
Another game like app, Joulebug is all about acknowledging and rewarding us for the sustainable actions we are already taking whilst also getting us to create new sustainable habits! Always take your own cup to the coffee store? That's worth 5 points my friend! Regularly recycle? Good on you! That's worth another 10 points! What makes this fun is you can compete in challenges against your friends and in your community to be the most sustainable person. Before you know it you'll be taking a tote bag to the shops and using beeswax wraps like second nature.

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Refill (iOS/Android)
Remember last year when the UK had its hottest summer ever on record? We all went to the beach and the parks in our droves but often the aftermath was a littering of plastic bottles - empty of the drinks we had in order to keep ourselves cool. Well next time you go out and you finish your water bottle check on Refill to find your closest water refill station! Located in pubs, cafes and various other establishments, Refill stations will fill up your water bottle for free to save yet another plastic bottle from being thrown into the bin! Now you just need to remember to take your water bottle with you (oh hello, Joulebug!). For a similar app that works worldwide check out Tap.

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Too Good To Go (iOS/Android)

I really love food and I hate seeing food go to waste. If you're like me then you are going to love Too Good To Go. Restaurants, bakeries and cafes put up deals on food they don't want to throw away at the end of the day and you can scoop it up for a fraction of the regular price! From sushi to pastries to salads to the most amazing looking rice bowls - there's definitely something for everyone and you get that extra satisfaction of a tasty meal to boot! Now if you don't mind, I have to go pick up some pastries....

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So there you go! Some of my favourite green apps. I'm always on the lookout for more though so if you know of any then please drop me a comment below!