National Colouring Book Day

National Colouring Book Day

Happy Sunday folks! Did you know today was National Colouring Book Day? Colouring in has shown to be great for mindfulness and relaxation not just for kids but for adults too! Maybe this is why I love the colouring part of designing new products 🤔

I printed out my cetaceans colouring sheet and I think I’m going to take myself out into the garden and finish it off. As you can see I like to go a bit crazy with some colours and not stick too strictly to exactly how the animals look in real life - cause why not?

Don’t forget that this cetaceans colouring sheet is only available until the end of August, so if you want to grab it then don’t hang about! And 50p from each sale goes to Whale and Dolphin Conservation. You’ll get your file e-mailed to you straightaway so you can get colouring today (why not print off a couple sheets and give them to your family/housemates to colour in too!).

Are you a colouring fan? Do you stick strictly with the colours that you find in nature or are you like me and colouring in pink orcas? Let me know in the comments and have a wonderful Sunday!